Bringing People Together Through Media

MeTele is a new type of video broadcasting platform that enables you to easily send and receive full-screen, full-length, high-definition video programs using your computer and the internet.

When you install the free software, MeTele sets up a personal broadcasting and receiving Station on your computer. Programs are broadcast and received on channels to and from stations in your personal network.

MeTele supports many types of users and media, from friends and family sharing home videos to commercial networks offering paid or sponsored programming.

During the testing phase, MeTele is available by invitation only. To get started, use the link contained in your invitation e-mail.

Personal Receiving

Unlike streaming video sites, MeTele offers a true high definition viewing experience, with up to 1080p and surround sound that is equal or better than cable or satellite. Most people are familiar with digital video recorders that record television programs for later viewing. MeTele is similar, only programs originate from Stations in your personal network rather than from a cable or satellite provider. Programs receive automatically in the background and are displayed in your Station's program guide when they are ready to be watched. You can subscribe to other people’s channels, receive direct broadcasts from specific Stations in your personal network, or select on-demand programs to receive.

Personal Broadcasting

Each MeTele Station is also a full-featured broadcast station capable of sending programs to specific Stations, to Channels that you create, and On-Demand broadcasts. You set the price and terms for your programs and MeTele will optionally arrange sponsors and collect payments on your behalf. MeTele provides a free web space to manage information about your Station and to handle program reviews and ratings. You control how much, if any, of your Station is visible to the public. Whether you are an established commercial network looking to enhance your digital media strategy or just a person with some videos to share among friends, we hope you find a home on MeTele.

Personal Sponsors

MeTele's Viewer Sponsorship Model restructures advertising around the viewer rather than the program. This enables entirely new types of programs to be sponsored with economies of scale not previously possible on television. This new model offers viewers the possibility to watch more free programs and content owners an easy way to generate more income per viewer. Advertisers get the production value of television using industry standard 15/30 second spots, the personalization of the Web, and only pay for what is actually watched. Viewers are engaged, the advertisements are relevant, and the experience is seamless.